The Late Pastor F.M. Elmore Scholarship

Leaving A Legacy

 The Late Pastor F. M. Elmore was from Kilgore, Texas. She traveled and later settled in the little town of Stringtown, Oklahoma. She nurtured First Lady Regina A. Goldsmith during her early Christian walk and saw to it that she was baptized in the name of Jesus at the early age of six. The legacy of the late Pastor F. M. Elmore lives on through many whose lives have been transformed under her leadership in past years. Her steadfast teaching and faithfulness to the members of Faith Temple church holds lasting memories in our hearts. This scholarship honors and represents all that she believed. May it be a blessing! 

The late Pastor F. M. Elmore scholarship was created (1) to commemorate the legacy of the Late Pastor F.M. Elmore (2) to place high emphasis on education, and the spiritual contribution of individuals who are pursuing higher education. This scholarship recognizes individuals 18 or older who plan to enroll or have been admitted into an accredited college/university.

Deadline for application submission is on or before 4pm Wednesday September 13, 2017. 

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